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Contact the Office of Student Financial Services at 781-736-3700.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who can work on campus?

Domestic and international undergraduate and graduate students may be employed through Student Employment. Students must be matriculated, enrolled in a degree granting program, and attending courses at least half-time in order to work on-campus. International students must be enrolled full-time (12 credits or more) to work on-campus and to stay in status with their F-1 or J-1 Visa.  Students must have a social security number and have completed Form I-9 before starting any job.

Students who are attending less than half-time, have graduated, withdrawn, taken a leave of absence or are studying abroad are not eligible to work through Student Employment.

2. How do I obtain an on campus job?

The Office of Student Financial Services will assist you in locating on-campus employment by hosting a Job Fair at the beginning of the academic year and providing job opportunity listings throughout the year online.

Students who have additional questions or difficulty finding a job should contact the Office of Student Financial Services.

Please note: Students may not begin work at any campus job until all of the forms required for student employment have been submitted to, and approved by, the Office of Student Financial Services.  A form I-9 is required for everyone who works!

3. How do I obtain an off campus job?

You are responsible for securing your own position off campus and should therefore expect to deal directly with the employer or agency for which you wish to work. The Office of Student Financial Services will provide access to job opportunity listings and job descriptions, when available. Off-campus job opportunities are posted online at non-FWS off-campus job opportunities.

International students can only work off-campus if they have CPT or OPT work authorization.

4. Where can I find the Student Employment Handbook?

Right here. Download a pdf of the Student Employment Handbook for Students or the Student Employment Handbook for Supervisors.