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Frequently Asked Questions for Supervisors

1. How do I hire students?

Before hiring any student you must follow the following procedures:

  • Develop a job description
  • Review and post the job with the Office of Student Financial Services
  • Conduct interviews
After selecting a candidate for hire, you must:
  • See the student’s Employment Eligibility Card
  • Prepare the job offer through BUSS
  • Generate and submit time sheets

For details on each step, please refer to the Supervisor sections of the Student Employment Handbook.

2. Do I have to advertise my job opening with the Office of Student Financial Services?

Yes. As a recipient of Title IV Funds, all available positions must be posted with the Office of Student Financial Services for a minimum of five business days. All jobs must be hourly paid positions with a job description approved by and on file with the Office of Student Financial Services.  All open positions are posted on the SFS website and students apply directly online.

3. How do I post a job opening?

Please submit an on-campus job opportunity through the SFS website.  Please indicate whether this is a new, or previously approved job and complete the appropriate sections.  If it is a NEW job description, we will review it for appropriateness and send you a job ID number for your record.

4. How do I get a Job Description approved?

All new job descriptions and pay rates are reviewed by the Office of Student Financial Services after a detailed job description has been submitted. The job description must include the duties, responsibilities, skills and qualifications needed for the job. The Office of Student Financial Services will advise you when the description is approved or will request additional information. The Job Posting Form is available online.

5. Where do I get forms for a new student employee?

New student employees should come to Student Financial Services, located on the second floor of the Usdan Student Center to complete the required forms for student employment. All employees must complete a form I-9.  This form requires the applicant to show original documents which prove their identity and eligibility to work.  Once the required forms have been completed, the rest of hiring process will be done online.

6. How do I terminate a student employee?

To terminate a student employee, the supervisor must complete and submit a Student Employee Change Form and select "Terminate". Under certain circumstances additional documentation may be required. Please consult with the Assistant Director of Student Employment if you have specific or confidential questions.

7. What do I pay my student?

All job descriptions and pay rates must be approved by the Office of Student Financial Services before employers post the position. Please refer to the Wages and Pay Scales section of the  Student Employment Handbook  for more information on pay scales.

8. Do you have any tips for finding good student workers?

Get your job listing on the Office of Student Financial Services Web site as early as possible. Many students try to get their jobs settled before classes begin. Informative and detailed job descriptions also help, especially when particular skills are needed for the job. Thorough interviewing will help you to select the right candidate, and a comprehensive orientation and training session(s) will help you and your employee(s) to understand what is expected of the employee.