Software Application Engineer (Contract)

Dec. 14, 2012


Jon Watson


We are looking for a dynamic, results-oriented software developer for a short-term contract job. This individual would develop a web app or kiosk-based system (designed to be used on an Ipad or Android-based tablet computer, most likely) that would deliver mental health outcome measures to patients who have come to be treated for substance abuse disorder.

Skills and Duties:

This application would need to be able to administer a number of self-report mental health and addiction-related test measures to patients and clients, score them, and store these results in a local database. Individual data files must be able to be accessed quickly by therapists/clinicians at the touch of a button.

This tablet application would be used to measure the change over time on various measures (month to month, week-to-week, etc.), and must be able to generate graphical reports (e.g., line graphs, bar graphs, etc.) of patients' treatment gains or problem areas the can be easily interpreted by both clinicians and patients.

All data collected must be able to be exported to statistical software (SPSS, SAS, etc.) or spreadsheet applications (Excel).

This app must also be able to integrate with a private, internally managed network/cloud drive that would
store all patient information. The person hired would need to have the expertise to design/integrate both the tablet application as well the private network/cloud drive technology that would house all collected information. Both the application and cloud drive would need to be HIPAA compliant to ensure patient confidentiality.

Wage Rate: