Internet Marketing and Promotion

May. 31, 2013



Harper and Faye Jewelers features fine original and custom jewelry design in Boston's Financial District. After downsizing the store, the owner finds her workload does not allow her to keep up with maintenance of the existing website and social networking pages. As such, these pages do not reflect the vitality and personality of the business as well as they should, nor are they as effective as they should be in increasing traffic to the store and attracting new clients in our core demographic (downtown executive and professional women).


We are looking for a summer intern, preferably a marketing major, who understands the latest techniques in internet marketing and promotion for a small business. He or she should be able to come up with creative ways to market and promote, and have the skills to put these techniques into practice, analyze the results, and optimize for maximum effectiveness. Knowledge of SEO basics is a plus.


The job will include both the day-to-day upkeep and the chance to try out new ideas. Duties will include:

1) Maintaining the online store. This involves taking digital photographs of new product, photo editing using Photoshop, writing a description, metadata and tags, and uploading it to the online store, as well as altering/removing items which have sold, on a weekly basis.

2) Adding updates, fresh content and features to the website pages via Adobe Dreamweaver. It will be you job to toot our horn!

3) Coordinating current content and features with the store's Facebook page, Youtube channel, Yelp, Google Plus and Manta listings, and increasing the visibility of these.

4) Monitoring progress of the above via Google Analytics and other internet metrics, analyzing and reporting results to the management.

5) Offering suggestions to the owners on how to achieve our goals using other Internet venues relevant to our clientele, such as Facebook or Amazon ads.

Please supply a resume and only USA references with addresses than can be reached by telephone. Letters of recommendation will be helpful. Veterans please supply a DD214. Interested students contact Steven Nottonson at Harper & Faye Jewelers, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at 6173301943, by mail at 60 Federal Street, Boston, MA 02110 or email at (Subject: Applicant).

*We wish the applicants to be result driven. As a result, successful sales from the online store will be commissionable.