5th and 6th Grade Judaica Teacher

May. 31, 2013



This is a history, current events, and ethics class. The 5th grade students study The Synagogue, Choosing to be Chosen, and Dreams in the Golden Country, a story of an immigrant girl their age.
The 6th grade uses the Book of Jewish Life. There is a lot of discussion about what it means to be Jewish, "what do you think about a situation," or "what would you do?"

Skills and Duties:

Time is split between the two grades. When one class is learning Hebrew the other is studying Judaica. Half way through the morning the classes switch.

Qualified candidates do not need to read Hebrew. We have a separate Hebrew teacher.
The Judaica will need the ability to establish a realm where thoughts and opinions can safely be shared and discussed, and where everyone’s opinion is respected.

Pay for a first year teacher is $100 per Sunday. Teachers are asked to arrive at 8:45 am. Class gets out at 11:30 am. We meet 27 times per year between September and May, on Sundays only. There are also monthly teachers meetings immediately after class. Teachers receive an extra $10 to stay until 12:00 pm. We go over teacher and classroom needs, behavior issues (we usually don’t have any), and upcoming events.

You can learn more about Jewish Family Workshop on our website www.jewishfamilyworkshop.org

Please send a resume to jefkrasner@gmail.com

Wage Rate:

$40/hr, $100/day, $2,700/year


Sundays 9:00 am-11:30 am

Jewish Family Workshop

(508) 881-1617