Marketing Relationship Manager

Oct. 26, 2012


Sasha Hoffman


-Onboarding new businesses (“merchants”) in the Plastiq system (customizing accounts, showing merchants how to use the website, training their employees to use Plastiq)

Skills and Duties:

-Take responsibility for a designated group of merchants, setting a check-in schedule to ensure they are utilizing Plastiq’s platform throughout their business, publicizing Plastiq to their customers, seamlessly integrating to their website and accounting systems and troubleshooting any issues or concerns. Help customize their marketing strategy and develop a plan to grow revenue from each merchant
-Re-engage with merchants who are idle (not processing volume) in Plastiq’s system and implement a strategy to ensure them begin processing
-Actively solicit feedback and testimonials from accounts and seek out those who can act as references
-Coordinate with Plastiq’s processor partners and act as a liaison between merchants and processors to resolve payment disputes and issues
-Prepare weekly merchant updates highlighting recent wins, progress with merchants and issues
-Conduct basic analytics and produce reports that will be presented at monthly meetings

Wage Rate:

To be negotiated


Full Time