Mother's Helper & Baby Sitter (Waltham, adjacent to campus)

Mar. 11, 2013

Our family is seeking an experienced mother's helper and also a baby sitter to care for our 11-month-old daughter in our home in the Cedarwood neighborhood (adjacent to the Brandeis campus). This is an excellent opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students seeking well-compensated, flexible, part-time work. We would like to hire one or more students to start as soon as possible.

We are looking for two types of help:

1. Mother's helper: we are looking for someone to care for our daughter for 2- to 5-hour blocks of time while I am home so that I can get work done. The days and hours are very flexible; we can work with your schedule.

2. Baby sitter: we are looking for someone to care for our daughter Wednesday evenings (every week) and weekend evenings (occasional). The Wednesday evenings are our more pressing need. The minimum Wednesday hours are 5 to 7 p.m. but 5 to 9/9:30 p.m. would be even better for us.

Responsibilities for both jobs: feeding, diapering, bathing, putting her down for naps and bedtime, playing, reading and taking her for walks in the stroller when the weather allows. Perhaps some light household work related to the baby (washing her dishes, picking up toys, folding baby laundry) while she is napping--this piece is negotiable.

Our daughter is a healthy, joyful and active baby. She is crawling and standing and about to walk, so she will keep you on your toes! She loves music, movement, books, walks and lots of “conversation”.

Qualifications: you have experience caring for infants/young toddlers, are very responsible and have excellent judgment. You are a clear and open communicator, reliable, punctual and engaging. We will require you to take a 3-hour Toddler CPR & Safety class at our expense if you will be working as a baby sitter (versus a mother's helper with me in the home with you). Your references must include work with infants/young toddlers. Documentation of your vaccination history is absolutely required.

Our family includes one cat.

To apply please contact Jess Hawks at

Hours are flexible

Rate of Pay: $15+