Part Time Nanny for 4-Year Old

Aug. 06, 2013



We are looking for someone extremely responsible and energetic, who will enjoy leading our kids in creative and fun activities. We believe in good food, and good fun.

Skills and Duties:

Our nannies have loved to cook with our kids, dance until the cows come home, and just generally have a close relationship with them, and us as a family.

Oliver's a sweet, spunky kid who love to jump as much as he loves snuggles. Eve loves to dance and play pretend and is growing her hair in after beating cancer last year.

The position is part time (8-6 on Tues and Thurs, and 12-6 on Wed).

Wage Rate:



22-25 hours/week

Contact Information:

Tammy Dayton

(617) 818-5837