Sep. 20, 2013



Transcriptionists Needed for New Documentary Play

Looking for people to help transcribe audio interviews for a new documentary play in progress. The play, which has yet to be titled, will be written using exact words from interviews conducted this past winter and spring in Palestine/Israel. People all over the country were interviewed about their experiences, identities, views, etc., and how they connect to the current reality and the history of Israel and Palestine. There are many hours of audio to be transcribed before the real work of crafting the script can begin, and that's where you come in!

Skills and Duties:

I will send you the audio files to be transcribed; the work consists of listening to the playback and typing exactly what is said on the tape, denoting changes in who is speaking, more or less in a script format. Applicants should be fast typists with an attention to detail and a facility for understanding accented English.

If you have an internship requirement you need to fill, this is great for that too. The play is being developed under the auspices of New Repertory Theatre in Watertown.

Wage Rate:




Contact Information:

Danny Bryck

(413) 575-9150