New Payment Address

Jun. 29, 2012

New Payment Address


Brandeis has a new bank and a new address to mail your payment to. It is on the reverse of the bill and on the return envelope enclosed with your paper bill. If you have set up our old address on a bill payment system please be sure to update your records so we receive any payment due by the due date. (August 10, 2012 for Fall 2012, January 4, 2013 for Spring 2013)

The new address is:

               Brandeis University

               Post Office

               P.O. Box 28197

               New York, NY 10087-8197

PLEASE NOTE: This is our new bank's lockbox address and should only be used for personal payments sent by regular mail.

All correspondence, scholarship payments, 529 plan payments as well as Express, Certified, or private courier mailings requiring a signature should continue to be sent to our office address:

               Brandeis University

               Office of Student Financial Services, MS 027

               Usdan Student Center

               415 South Street

               Waltham, MA 02454-9110