With faculty committed to student success, professors within the Division of Social Sciences work with students inside and beyond the classroom to help students to expand their depth and breadth of knowledge. Social sciences courses in the Division’s 20 departments and programs foster intellectual curiosity, new ideas, and active and independent thinking. From experiential learning courses that take students and faculty outside Brandeis and into the community, to research opportunities for undergraduates that often result in publication credits, social sciences faculty often reach outside the traditional lecture or seminar environment to help students cultivate a passion for learning.

The Division of Social Science Award Winning Faculty are:

Walzer ‘56 Award for Teaching
2018: Anita Hannig, Anthropology
2017: Derron Wallace, Education and Sociology
2016: Jasmine Johnson, African & Afro-American Studies and Women’s, Gender, &
Sexuality Studies
2014: Xing Hang, History
2013: Sara Shostak, Sociology
2010: Maura J. Farrelly, American Studies
2008: Wendy Cadge, Sociology
2006: Donald B. Katz, Psychology and Neuroscience
2005: Janet McIntosh, Anthropology
2004: Derek Isaacowitz, Psychology
2003: Can Erbil, Economics
2001: Chad Brown, Economics
1999: Govind Sreenivasan, History
1997: Sarah Lamb, Anthropology

Brandeis Prize for Excellence in Teaching
2017: Daniel Breen, Legal Studies
2014: Laura Goldin, Environmental Studies
2011: Eileen McNamara, Journalism
2008: Marya Levenson, Education
2005: William E. Kapelle, History
2002: Robert C. Hunt, Anthropology
2001: Mary Davis, American Studies

Jeanette Lerman-Neubauer ‘69 Prize for Excellence in Teaching & Mentoring
2016: Sarah Lamb, Anthropology
2013: Donald B. Katz, Psychology
2011: Richard Gaskins, American Studies and Legal Studies
2010: Elizabeth Ferry, Anthropology
2007: David Cunningham, Sociology
2005: Ibrahim K. Sundiata, African & Afro-American Studies and History

GSAS Dean of Arts & Sciences Mentoring Award
2018: Laura Miller, Sociology
2017: Lotus Goldberg, Computational Linguistics
2015: Eva Bellin, Politics
2012: Wendy Cadge, Sociology
2011: Michael Willrich, History
2009: Derek Isaacowitz, Psychology
2008: Jacqueline Jones, History
2006: Jane Kamensky, History
2005: Karen V. Hansen, Sociology