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Name: Carolyn Daitch '14
Major: Theater and Philosophy
Involvement on campus: Theater Assistant and Dedicated Techie to many campus productions.

How has this involvement impacted your time at Brandeis?  Before Brandeis, I had barely set foot in the theater; now, the theater has become my home. I love working, learning, and exploring in the theater and can imagine myself staying involved well into the future.

What made you get involved?  Friends of mine literally pulled me into the theater to help with tech one day and the openness of the community kept me there. The theater was also a great a great escape, and I soon formed a dedication to working behind the scenes.

Do you have a favorite memory of your time with Student Activities or at Brandeis?  The joy I get from working with my hands crafting a set piece in the shop or creating a scene solely with light is quite wonderful. I really enjoy working with my hands and having a concrete product, despite the inherent transience of the theater.

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Carl J. Shapiro Theater

The Shapiro Theater is the hub of undergraduate theater life on campus.  Located in the Shapiro Campus Center, the 248 seat theater with professional soundboard, lightboard, and audiovisual equipment, is managed by the Department of Student Activities.

With at least five student theater productions a semester and countless special events, the Shapiro Theater is in constant use.  Stop by to see this semester's hit shows produced by the undergraduates, concerts, and more.

How Can I Reserve the Space?

Student organizations and departments can reserve the space by completing a Carl J. Shapiro Theater Request.  Because it is the home of the Undergraduate Theatre Collective (UTC), requests will be handled after semester shows are booked in the space.  Non-profit external organizations may click here for a Theater Space Request form.

For more information about the space and its calendar of events, please contact the Student Activities Specialist in the Department of Student Activities.

What's Happening?

Undergraduate Theater Collective Fall 2014 Season:

What is the Undergraduate Theater Collective (UTC)?

The Undergraduate Theater Collective (UTC) is an umbrella organization of five undergraduate theater groups: Brandeis Ensemble Theater (BET), Brandeis Players, Tympanium Euphorium, Hillel Theater Group (HTG), and Boris' Kitchen.  These groups work together to produce student theater.  They share resources including the Shapiro Theater green room, shop, costumes, and props.  They hold common auditions and common casting which assists directors, producers, and casts in dividing its work load.  The UTC is governed by the UTC Commission that has representatives from each of the five groups.  For more information about the UTC and its member groups, please visit the UTC website.

What is the UTC's Connection to the Shapiro Theater?

The Shapiro Theater is the home of the UTC, works closely with the Department of Student Activities, and receives priority in the reservation process.

Who Works in the Shapiro Theater?

The Department of Student Activities hires students to serve as Theater Assistants to assist in the day-to-day activities within the space.

Wild Party - Tymp - Fall 2011 (Photos by Asher Krell / the Justice)