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Questions or concerns about Fall Fest may be directed to Student Activities at 781-736-5065 or

Operating hours:
Monday - Friday
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Fall Fest Advisors:

Stephanie Grimes
Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Student Activities

Steve Pagios
Associate Director of Student Activities

Did you know?

Berlin Chapel, Bethlehem Chapel and Harlan Chapel are located in the same area. All three chapels have a window wall facing Chapel's Pond and similar designs both inside and out.
The chapels were built in such a way so that when the sun sets, no one chapel casts a shadow on another.

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Fall Fest Evaluation 2013

Thank you for joining us on campus for the 2013 Fall Fest Weekend. We enjoyed having you learn more about your student's fairy tale. Please complete this evaluation form so that we can continue to improve the services and programs at Fall Fest. If you have additional comments not addressed by the questions in this evaluation, please e-mail Stephanie Grimes, Director of Student Activities, at

Thank you!