Gold Medal Winner!


Name: Rebecca Sanders '13
Hometown: River Edge, NJ
Primary Service Sites:

  • Waltham Group Afternoon Enrichment
  • Waltham Group Tutoring in Public Schools
  • French Cultural Center of Boston
  • English Language Learning Initiative

"My time at Brandeis would not have been the same without my volunteer experiences. Volunteering has allowed me to be engaged in the community, to interact with many different people, and to think about the world in new ways. My community service efforts have been primarily concentrated in education, and my experiences have led me to pursue a career working in the field of education. I am confident that my community service experiences at Brandeis have helped define my career path. This program is a great way to realize how much service you actually do. The hours often add up without you even realizing it. Counting the hours helps you see that making time for service among all your other obligations is worth it, and can actually have a significant impact. Additionally, it is great to have a tangible number of hours to tell potential employers or to put on a resume."

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Silver Medal Winner!


Name: Lauren Grewal '13
Hometown:Wellesley, MA
Primary Service Site:

  • Waltham Group SPECTRUM

"Being a Waltham Group Coordinator and being a founder of a community service initiative has taught me so much and truly impacted my Brandeis experience. Not only do I know that I can handle the pressures of running a program but that I am truly passionate about working with people who have special needs. I think for me, I knew the passion was already there but knowing I have the capability to not only help people in the community, but teach others the skills to work with this community is incredibly rewarding and valuable. I have realized just how much I enjoy teaching others and how much pleasure I derive from not only doing service for the outside community, but for my community within Brandeis. It makes me feel like I’m connected to something greater than myself. Being in a college setting I think can make some people feel like they are in a bubble (hence the term Brandeis Bubble for example) but for me, I’ve never felt that way. I love being connected to other people and to know about real struggles and stories. So for me, my volunteer work has kept me in touch and motivated to keep trying to help others rather than get stuck in my own daily problems as there is always someone else who can use some help."

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Bronze Medal Winner!


Name: Steven Wong '13
Hometown: Boston, MA
Primary Service Sites:

  • Waltham Groups Afternoon Enrichment
  • Waltham Group Big Sibling
  • Waltham Group Companions To Elder
  • Waltham Group Tutoring In Public Schools
  • Waltham Group General Tutoring
  • Waltham Group Hospital Helpers (Veggie Buddies)
  • Waltham Group SPECTRUM
  • Waltham Group Kids Connection
  • Waltham Group Hunger & Homelessness
  • Waltham Group Volunteer Vacations
  • Clubs-in-Service

"As a first year at Brandeis, I was not active on campus. I was having a very hard time adjusting from high school to college. By my sophomore year, I wanted to change that, which made me discover Waltham Group during recruitment night. I began with four Waltham Groups and I instantly loved to volunteer because I became a mentor, an older sibling, a friend and I created great relationships with each and every student or person that I encountered during my time with each Waltham Group that I did. As the year went on, I added more Waltham Groups and I realized I love to volunteer because it takes me out of my busy schedule and allows me to focus on others. I love making a difference and changing the world."

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Commitment to Service Award


Program Mission

Encourage students to engage in community service further impacting their Brandeis experience while addressing community needs. Service will be used as a means to explore careers, apply course work, fulfill personal values, and develop meaningful relationships. The program will encourage students to track their volunteer hours, adding many benefits to the community and university, while offering an opportunity to celebrate our student’s commitment to social justice and service deepening the roots of their journeys beyond Brandeis. Students will be honored at graduation with a commitment to service pin through this pilot program. 

Why should I participate?

  • Deepen my impact with a holistic service approach.
  • Receive a Commitment to Service medal to wear at graduation.
  • Denote this prestigious honor on my resume.
  • Explore and develop leadership through intentional reflection and relationship building.
  • Have my service hours formally documented for graduate school, jobs and internship applications.
  • Help Brandeis achieve national honors and awards.
  • Tracking hours aids in the receipt of grants and funding for future service opportunities.
  • Make a local and global impact.
  • Take pride in and celebrate my community organizing and impact.
  • Benefit from special programs for all program participants.
  • Formally commit to the Social Justice Mission of Brandeis University.
  • Have your name posted as recipient on the Department of Community Service website.

Program Requirements
Complete online registration on Sage.
Complete and document Community Service Hours regularly on Sage
Submit reflection essay 
Community Service Pledge (Students are able to check a box that they agree to this pledge when they log their hours in the tracking hours system.)
Complete a Community Service Waiver and CORI Form (if required)

Awards medalphoto
Bronze- 300 Hours of Community Service
Silver- 600 Hours of Community Service
Gold- 900 Hours of Community Service 

Note: ONLY hours inputted into the Brandeis University Community Service Tracking Hours System will count toward award hours. Because this is a new program, current junior and senior students have modified hour requirements for each of these tiers. See the FAQs section for details.

Students will be awarded their medals at the Celebration of Service event and are encouraged to wear their service medals during commencement ceremonies as well as indicate this distinctive honor on their resumes.

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