Pin Design Contest

Want to feel productive over winter break? Are you creative? Want to showcase your creativity? If you answered yes to the above questions, the Department of Community Service at Brandies University is offering you a great opportunity by hosting a Commitment to Service Award Pin Design Contest.  

Explore your creativity and assist the Department of Community Service in creating/designing a lapel pin to be worn at graduation and presented to the students during the Annual Celebration of Service event. The pin that receives the first prize will be sent to the donor who is funding the pin program for further review and if accepted, will be used to highlight the accomplishments of students who have dedicated their time and energy to making a positive impact in our community.  
A $100 gift card to a Waltham restaurant of your choice will be given to the pin design winner.   

Pin Guidelines:

  • The pin can be of any shape (square, circle, rectangle).
  • Designs for the pin may be created by hand or on a computer.  Designs can be submitted electronically or on paper. The design must be such that it can easily be reduced to a 1 1/2" maximum size pin.
  • The pins can be submitted in JPEG or EPS format. (EPS format is preferred).
  • The Design must incorporate the words “Brandeis University Commitment to Service Award.”
  • Students will be awarded a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Pin. You may choose to share creative distinctions for this honor or create a standard design that will be distinguished by ribbon color.
  • All entries must be identified with the student’s name and email address.
  • Students are encouraged to enter multiple entries.
  • All submissions become property of the Department of Community Service and will not be returned. The Department of Community Service has the right to reproduce the design, or modify it, in any media and in whatever quantity we choose.
  • The design can either be dropped off at the Department of Community Service on the 2nd floor of the Shapiro Campus Center or emailed to

If you are currently not registered for the Commitment to Service Award, please visit Commitment to Service Award to learn more and register. If you know other members of the Brandeis community who may be interested in this contest please share this email.

The Deadline for the submission is January 19, 2013 5pm.

For more information contact Prayas Neupane at