Tracking Hours

Once you've enrolled in the Commitment to Service Award program, it's important you begin tracking your hours! Stop by the Department of Community Service in the the Shapiro Campus Center Room 203 to pick up a Tracking Hours Journal or track in spreadsheet form using a spreadsheet log.

Most importantly, regularly input the hours you log into the official Department of Community Service Tracking Hours System, as ONLY hours entered in this system will count toward the award program.


sagelogoClick here to register for the Commitment to Service Award Program!

The registration form for the Commitment to Service program has recently moved into Sage, making it even easier to register! Simply log in to your Sage account and scroll to the bottom. At the bottom left of the page, you'll see a heading called "Commitment to Service" and right beneath that they'll be a link to the registration page. Be sure you register right away because you can't start counting your volunteer hours through our program until you're in the registration system!

*If you registered AND began counting hours through our old Google form, that should be reflected in the new Sage form automatically. If you registered with the old form but did not begin counting hours, your registration will not show up in Sage. Simply re-register and send the Department of Community Service any summer 2013 hours you need to get added to your name. You can send them directly to Kelly Whiffen at