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Lucas Malo

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Clubs in Service

Clubs in Service is an initiative focused on encouraging all clubs and student organizations to directly engage in the Waltham Community. This Web site can be used to foster connections between traditionally non-service organizations and those already involved with service projects.cis team

Clubs in Service is sponsored by Student Union, Department of Community Service and Waltham Group. Meetings will be held Mondays from 6:30-7:00pm in the Shapiro Campus Center Student Leadership Office (Room 227).

There are plenty of opportunities in which your club can participate. There are many one-time opportunities with the Waltham Group programs, in which your club can participate. We also have connections with many organizations in the greater Waltham area, that would love to have your club come volunteer in one time events. Once your club decides on a service activity from our list, please stop by the Clubs in Service office hours or e-mail the Clubs in Service committee:

clubs in service

Request Volunteer Support for Club Project (Brandeis University clubs can request volunteers to help with their service project here!)

Report Project Completion

The Student Union has a unique award for clubs entitled "Service to the Waltham Community Club of the Year Award". This award will go to a club who has become involved in the community and demonstrated a commitment to service and the clubs-in-service program.