Emergency Information

Life threatening emergency: 781-736-3333 - Brandeis University Public Safety

Emergency consultation after hours: 617-431-4814 - 24-hour answering service

Psychological Counseling Center
Brandeis University
Mailman House

415 South Street, MS 061
Waltham, MA 02453
781- 736-3730
pcc@brandeis.edu (non-urgent email)


All of our clinical staff are generalists with a variety of areas of expertise, and all are experienced working with a diverse student body. 

Fatima Aydin, Ph.D., Staff Psychologist, part-time

Kara Brown, Ed.D., Psychotherapist, part-time

Roberta Caplan, Ph.D., Director of Training, part-time

Amy Engel, LICSW, Psychotherapist, part-time

Lois Finstein, Department Administrator, full-time

Michael LaFarr, Psy.D., Associate Director, full-time

Jenna Marion, Psy.D., Staff Psychologist, part-time

Catherine Mitchell, LICSW, Psychotherapist, part-time

Jonathan Moran, M.D., MBA, Psychiatrist, part-time

Tal Nir, Ph.D., Staff Psychologist, part-time

Neil B. Redlener, M.D., Chief Staff Psychiatrist, part-time

Maria Pia Rogines Velo, M.D., Ph.D., Psychiatrist, part-time

Judy Sanditen, Psy.D., Staff Psychologist, part-time

Joy Von Steiger, Ph.D., Staff Psychologist, part-time

Denise DeSesa Smith, Ph.D., Staff Psychologist, part-time