Common Cause Communities

Common Cause Communities (C3) are housing options for students who wish to build community and live with each other while exploring a theme or common interest/passion. Residents in C3 areas apply to be part of these unique communities and are offered special programs and opportunities to teach others about their interests, strengths, and passions.

C3s are a great opportunity for students to gain great leadership skills, share their knowledge with others, and live with people who hold similar values.  C3s are different from other residence halls because they allow students to further explore topics and causes important to them.  C3 areas will offer special related programs and opportunities, which distinguish these communities from other housing.

Dates of Note

February 15, 2015                Students must apply for housing.

February 23, 2015, 9am      Applications due via online form.

March 1, 2015                     Application status update sent via e-mail

March 9, 2015, 9am           All acceptances due via google form

March, 2014                              C3 Online Room Selection 

For Sophomores:

"Be the Change" Suites

The Be the Change Suites (BCS) is a quad community for sophomores who wish to live with other sophomores who share their interests and who wish to educate themselves and others on social change issues. Each of the topic areas created for BCS were designed in order to help develop and continue conversations that are core to Brandeis’ mission. Sophomores who elect to live in these Castle suites will apply as a full suite of four residents. These suites will pledge that they will participate in and sponsor programs consistent with their identified cause.  With oversight and advising of the Community Development Coordinator and Community Advisor (CA), this living community must partner with a faculty or staff person in order to meet their monthly goal of engaging with their identified cause. This may include coordinating the budget, training, potential travel off-campus, conversations, and commitment to interpersonal communication, and learning outcomes. This year's themes are: Be Who You Are: Exploring Gender Expression, Be What You Believe: Facilitating Interfaith Dialogue, and Be What You Do: Educating for a Sustainable Future.

Substance Free Community

The Substance Free Community (SFC) is for sophomores who wish to live with other students to embrace a substance-free lifestyle both within the building and beyond. Residents will compose their floors' goals and norms, which are consistent with University expectations and their own values. Students in this community will be required to work with their formats to sponsor and attend monthly programs which meet their needs as upperclassman and will encourage and evolving discussion of what it means to be substance-free at Brandeis.  This community receives on-going support and programming opportunities from the Community Development Coordinator of Village and their Community Advisor.

For Seniors: Balanced Living House

Balanced Living House (BLH) is a building in Ridgewood for seniors who wish to learn more about wellness for their body, mind, and spirit as they prepare for life beyond Brandeis. Students in this house will be required to sponsor and attend monthly programs, which meet their needs as seniors and will encourage life-long wellness. Attendance is taken at these programs and students who fail to fulfill their obligations to the Balanced Living House will be reassigned. This community receives on-going support and programming opportunities from the Community Development Coordinator and CA. Only seniors in good conduct standing and who will be enrolled for the full academic year are eligible to apply. Students in this community are also strongly encouraged to register for the Senior Year Experience PE Class.