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First-Year Experience Class

The Department of Community Living coordinates First-Year Experience: Spirit, Mind, and Body (PE 44a). This course is a perfect extension of New Student Orientation. It is listed under the Physical Education courses section, as it counts towards one of the two PE general education requirements. Students will:

  • Be aware of personal values including: citizenship, integrity, respect, civility, lifelong learning and embracing diversity, and how their actions effect them and others around them. Students will be able to engage in self-exploration and critical thinking.
  • Feel and be connected to the university, its resources, faculty, staff, administrators and peers. They will be enmeshed into the community and realize the community and culture is theirs to create.
  • Develop and utilize their interpersonal skills through experiential and community-engaged learning.    

Students enrolled in First-Year Experience: Spirit, Mind, and Body (PE 44a) will receive "Navigating the Research University: A Guide for First Year Students" by Britt Andreatta, Ph.D. Topics covered in this text and course include:

  • Values clarification
  • Health and safety
  • Time and stress management
  • Skills for academic success, including approaching faculty

First-Year Experience: Spirit, Mind, and Body (PE 44a) is engaging, participatory and thought-provoking. Students who completed the class have said the following:

“Thank you for a great class ... it was very helpful in figuring things out at Brandeis my first year. I know that I will use the knowledge I  have gained in FYE throughout all my college years.”

“The topics that we covered were insightful and extremely helpful, as well as the discussions we had each week.”

“I really got a lot out of FYE.  The class introduced me to a lot of the resources available on campus and helped me transition into college life. It was a great opportunity to meet new people, and I'm really glad I took the class.”

“Thank you for the class,  I found it to be quite informative. I really feel settled in here at Brandeis.”

Space is limited, so make sure you register during the second round of registration in July. Contact Erika Lamarre for additional questions and/or information.