Waitlist Sign-up Form

Students who did not have an opportunity to select housing during room selection may select housing through the wait list. Please fill in the appropriate fields so we may know how to best contact you and provide you with housing that meets your interests. We cannot guarantee availability of housing options or guarantee your first choice in housing. Fields marked with * are required. Forms with incomplete information will not be processed.

Note: If you are a graduate student, you must sign up through your graduate school to receive on-campus housing. Graduate students should not complete this form.

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Preferences: Enter your top housing choices. Please include specific names and suites/rooms/locations. While Community Living will work to assign you to housing that meets one of your preferences, there is no guarantee we can accommodate all requests. Please keep in mind that housing is class specific and that availability changes frequently.

Sophomore options: 567 South St, Castle, East, Rosenthal, North (singles only), Massell (singles only), Village
Junior/Senior options: Charles River Apartments, Ridgewood, the Village (fall only), Ziv, Foster Mods (seniors only)

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Please verify that all of the above information is correct. The information will be sent to the Department of Community Living. You will be contacted during the summer as spaces become available.