Community Development Coordinator

Scott Berozi

Office: Charles River Apartments
Charles River Commons
Building 150

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Welcome to Foster Mods

Foster Mods - Casty

The Foster Student Living Center (Mods) are townhouse style living for approximately 180 seniors. The Foster Mods are located across South Street to provide upper-class students independent living. The Mods are located next to the Gosman Sports Center and have a convenient student parking lot.


  • The Community Development Coordinator (CDC), a live-in, full time professional staff member with an advanced degree, has an office located on the first floor of Rosenthal South.
  • The Community Development Coordinator holds regular office hours in the quad office.


  • The Foster Mods are four and six person town houses designed for independent living.
  • Each Mod includes a kitchen, dinning room, living room and one or two bathrooms.
  • All rooms are single occupancy on multiple or single levels
  • Student rooms are approximately 95 square feet; some rooms have an additional 10 to 20 square feet.
  • Students are responsible for cleaning their mod, including kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms.


  • Green common spaces which are centrally located around the townhouses for outdoor recreational activities and barbeques.
  • Two laundry rooms