Community Development Coordinator

James MacDuffie

Quad Office: Usen, Ground Floor
Phone: 781-736-6787

For a CA on call between 9pm and 9am call 781-736-6762

If this is an emergency call Brandeis Police at 781-736-5000

Welcome to Massell Quad

Massell Quad - Usen Hall

Massell Quad, encircling the Anne J. Kane Reflecting Pool and the Albert Yakus Meditation Area, consists of four residence halls: Shapiro, Usen, Deroy and Renfield. Massell Quad is comprised of first-year students and is home to the Beit Midrash Jewish study and prayer room. This space, located on the ground floor of Shapiro, is coordinated by students and provides a location for them to study and pray.

  • Eighteen Community Advisors (CAs) are present to help develop a positive living/learning environment for all residents. CAs facilitate programs for their floor and the quad, address student concerns and assist with problems.
  • The Community Development Coordinator (CDC), a live-in full time professional staff member with an advanced degree, supervises the CAs and manages the residence halls.
  • The Community Development Coordinator holds regular office hours in the quad office.


  • Floors in Massell are same sex or mixed-gender.
  • Rooms in Massell are all singles, doubles or lofted triples. All rooms open into a main hallway.
  • Singles range in size from approximately 130 square feet to approximately 160 square feet.
  • Doubles and lofted triples are the same sizes. They can range from approximately 180 square feet to 200 square feet.


  • Shapiro Lounge, located in Shapiro Hall, is open 24 hours. The space has couches and seating for 40 and a large screen tv. The lounge is available for reservations.
  • Floor lounges inside of Deroy, Renfield and Usen Halls for student use.
  • Community kitchens scattered throughout the quad.
  • Laundry facilities in each building.
  • Beit Midrash Jewish Study and Prayer room in Shapiro.