Staff Contact Information

Kristen Zernick

Office: Usdan G32
Phone: 781-736-5060

For a CA on call between 9pm and 9am call 781-736-4879

If this is an emergency call Brandeis Police at 781-736-5000

Welcome to the Village

Village apartments

The Village houses 220 students in single and double occupancy rooms. The Village is broken down into three houses (A, B, and C).  For the full academic year, sophomores live in Village A. In the fall, juniors planning to study abroad live in B and C, with Mid-Year students taking their place in the spring semester.


  • The Village is staffed by eight Community Advisors (CAs). Each CA lives on a floor community and serves as a resource and referral agent for their residents.  Additionally, CAs foster community by creating engaging social events and educational programming initiatives. 
  • The Community Development Coordinator (CDC), a live-in full time professional staff member with an advanced degree, supervises the CAs and manages the residence hall.
  • The Community Development Coordinator holds regular office hours and is available by appointment in their office in Village A 130


  • Traditional style residence hall with singles and doubles.


  • Central air conditioning
  • Common area lounge and a kitchen facility on each floor (nine total).
  • Laundry facilities located on the first floor of A house.
  • Multipurpose dance studio on the first floor of A House
  • Gym open 24/7 with a student ID in B House
  • Study room, seminar room, and TV lounge on the first floor
  • Small lounges for studying and student use on each floor
  • Elevator in A House

Village Interior Village Exterior