Community Development Coordinator

Kristen Zernick

Quad Office: Village, Building A

Phone: 781-736-5060

For a CA on call between 9pm and 9am call 781-736-4860

If this is an emergency call Brandeis Police at 781-736-5000

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Welcome to Ziv Quad

Ziv quad apartments

Located on the southern ridge of campus, Ziv Quad is home to many students from our junior and senior classes. Named for Gladys and Sy Ziv, the Quad consists of four buildings: 127, 128, 129 (Mazer Hall), and 130. Ziv residents live in six-person suites. Each air-conditioned suite has six single bedrooms, a spacious common area and two private bathrooms.


  • Ziv is staffed by four Community Advisers (CAs) who provide support, guidance, programming and assistance to the residents.
  • The Community Development Coordinator (CDC), a live-in full time professional staff member with an advanced degree, supervises the CAs and manages the residence halls
  • The Community Development Coordinator holds regular office hours in the quad office


  • Suite style living; rooms connected to suites instead of main hallways.
  • Individual bedrooms range in size from 80-100 square feet.
  • Each common room provides approximately 500 square feet of shared space.
  • Two private bathrooms in each suite
  • Students are responsible for cleaning bathrooms and common living areas within the suite


  • Central air conditioning
  • Laundry facilities in each building
  • Vending machines on the second floor
  • Elevator in each building