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Have you experienced, witnessed, or heard an act of prejudice or hatred?

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Community Prejudice Response Task Force

The Community Prejudice Response Task Force is a group of staff, faculty, and students which was formed in 2006 to address issues of discrimination affecting the Brandeis community.

The Community Prejudice Response (CPR) Task Force aims to promote Brandeis University's commitment to mutual respect and social justice, while taking necessary steps should those commitments be compromised. Our mission is to serve the Brandeis student body in addressing acts of bias, intentional or accidental, by offering resources for students seeking advice, while assuring their safety and well-being on campus.

The current members of the CPR Task Force are:

  • Jamele Adams, Dean of Students
  • Jennifer Cleary, Senior Lecturer in Theater Arts
  • Father Walter Cuenin, Catholic Chaplain
  • Erika Lamarre, Director of Community Living
  • Monique Gnanaratnam, Director of the Intercultural Center
  • Ethan Masella, Academic Outreach Librarian


The CPR Task Force is hosting a series of discussions on diversity and student dialogue at Brandeis. Our first discussion, entitled "Miley, Molly, and those Blurred Lines," was a discussion on sex, drugs, and double standards in today's pop culture. It was covered in the Justice.


Perspectives on Privilege

Join us for this second installment of a discussion series on issues of community and prejudice at Brandeis.

Friday, November 15th, 3pm          ICC Multi-purpose Room
Please RSVP to Refreshments will be served.