Student Profile


Name: Zach Hogan
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: San Diego
Year: Junior
Involvement on campus: "Well,  first there is the Campus Center Team.  I started as a Reset Crew member,  then as an Information Booth member,  and now as a supervisor. I am also working as a TA for the Computer Science department and I am President of the Squash club."

How long have you worked with the Department of Student Activities? " I have worked with the Department of Student Activities since the second semester of my first year as a part of Reset Crew."

What is your favorite part of your role? "My favorite part of my role is that I can give my coworkers, especially newer ones, the same enjoyment of working for Student Activities as I have had.  I can make them feel the same sort of community that I have felt for the last year and a half. This position allows me to joke around and be friendly,  but also have a deep responsibility for the team and buildings I help supervise."

How has this involvement impacted your time at Brandeis? "Involvement in this team has made my time at Brandeis.  It is truly a community and I have not only been supported financially, but emotionally as well.  I count every single coworker as my friend and I think they feel the same.  I don't think there has ever been a shift when I haven't smiled or laughed."

What made you get involved? "I just applied and after my interview with Supreetha (the Reset Crew supervisor at the time) I knew I wanted to work with the Campus Center Team."

Do you have a favorite memory of your time with Student Activities or at Brandeis? "This is a very difficult question.  I think if I had to narrow it down, my favorite memory would be the Thanksgiving dinner that the team had last year.  The whole team was there and it was right after a hard day.  These were the best days to see the team because the support that comes makes any day better.  Even though I got there late because of a midterm, it was like I had been there the whole time.  Everyone was friendly and happy.  We then went around the table and said what we were thankful for, and everyone was very attentive.  It was just a very warm, happy experience.  In reality, that is how I associate this team and the events I have attended with them."

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Usdan Student Center

The Usdan Student Center opened in 1970 at a cost of approximately $6.9 million. It comprises 125,500 square feet. Within its walls are:

Conference and Events Services handles reservations for the various meeting rooms in the student center.

Sodexo operates all Dining Services locations in Usdan with lots of new and exciting dining options coming soon!

The Student Service Bureau and the Game Room are located on the basement floor of Usdan, also known as "Lower Usdan".

Usdan Student Center Philosophy

The Usdan Student Center provides services, conveniences and amenities that supports a theme of “COMMUNITY." It provides opportunities for all to interact on several levels with new faces and varying ideals on a daily basis. Through various boards, committees, and professional staff, the center provides a cultural, social and recreational environment that is complementary to the formal academic program of the university.

Posting Policy

The Usdan Student Center is a great place to post flyers and posters to advertise for events. All advertisements must be approved by the Shapiro Campus Center Info Booth Staff and placed via thumb tack on the bulletin boards within the building, or hung with tape on the brick walls. Any questions please ask the Campus Center Team at the Shapiro Campus Center Info Booth.

Tabling in Lower Usdan

Lower Usdan is a also great place for recognized student clubs and organizations to "table" for their events.  To request tabling space, please visit the Department of Student Activities in room 203 of Shapiro Campus Center.

Mailbox Stuffing

Recognized clubs and organizations may stuff mailboxes to advertise upcoming events by filling out a Mailbox Stuffing Request Form at the Department of Student Activities, SCC 203.