The Department of Student Activities is committed to enhancing the student experience outside the classroom; supporting university-recognized clubs and organizations; and encouraging creative learning and leadership development.

How does Student Activities…

Enhance the student experience?

Support University recognized clubs and organizations?

  • Advises Student Events (including Student Production Services), the Undergraduate Theater Collective (UTC), Archon Yearbook, and others as needed;

  • Creates resources such as Quick Tips, the Leadership and Resource Handbook, and other online resources;

  • Oversees the weekly Jump Start Event Planning meeting;

  • Provides free event resources;

  • Aids in communication between administration and student clubs;

  • Provides support for club offices and storage options.

Encourage creative learning and leadership development?

  • Involves students in all planning and implementation of departmental programs;

  • Coordinates (YouR)esource, an umbrella leadership development initiative;

  • Works with students to create initiatives that provides developmental moments.