Fall Fest Advisors

Stephanie Grimes
Assistant Dean of Students/
Director of Student Activities

Steve Pagios
Associate Director of Student Activities

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Core Committee

Come and meet the Fall Fest 2016 Core Committee


The Fall Fest Core Committee 2016 is making busy preparation for your adventure during Fall Fest. We are all looking forward to seeing your happy faces. Take a minute to meet this year's amazing team:

Evans Agbonsalo’17

Campus Marketing Coordinator


Hi! I'm Evans Agbonsalo, and I'm so excited to serve as the Campus Marketing Coordinator for Fall Fest 2016. I’m currently working towards majoring in Business with a minor in Economics; I will be graduating in 2017. I am looking forward to hosting events on campus that will make for a great experience for everyone. Outside of Fall Fest, I love playing soccer, FIFA, and sometimes DJ for fun. This year’s theme is Choose Your Brandeis Adventure. My adventure would consist of many events throughout the year. First, I would enjoy seeing the castle rebuilt like Castle Howard in England. I would also have DJ Khaled as the MC for commencement – essential for the Major Keys to success! I would invite Drake and Rihanna to perform for Spring Fest, our annual spring concert. For the “cherry on top”, I would cancel student loans.

Yuchen He ’18

On-campus Programming Coordinator


Hi! My name is Yuchen He, and it’s my pleasure to serve as the On-Campus Programming Coordinator for Fall Fest 2016! I major in biology and Health: Science, Society and Policy Program, and will graduate in 2018. I want to be part of Fall Fest because Brandeis gives me such an unique college experience that I really want to share the uniqueness of Brandeis to more people, especially the families. Outside Fall Fest, I love cooking (and everything related to food!), running outside, hiking and snowboarding. This year’s theme is Choose Your Own Brandeis Adventure. We finally (finally!!) decided on it because every Brandeisian has their journey here, and we hope that families who come here can also “choose” their distinct and interesting experience based on all the activities offered. 

Shirley Wu’18

Volunteer Coordinator


Hi! My name is Shirley and I am this year’s Volunteer and Registration Coordinator. I am a rising junior double majoring in Business and economics. I love being at Brandeis and I love Fall Fest because it gives me a chance to meet my peer’s families and helps them to know about the Brandeis community. I volunteered in Fall Fest last year and it was great to talk to families and share my thoughts with them. When I am not working with Fall Fest, I also volunteer in the Waltham Group and play with children. Since our theme is Choosing Your Own Brandeis Adventure, we will provide help to all families in customizing their own Brandeis adventure. We want to invite you to share the great experiences and we will do our best to present you a fulfilled Brandeis adventure.


Cindy Ma’17

Academic Programs Coordinator


Hi! My name is Cindy Ma, and I am excited to be the Academic Programs Coordinator for this year’s Fall Fest! Currently, I am a junior double majoring in Biology and Chemical Biology. I am also minoring in Economics. I volunteered for Fall Fest last year and love how the event brought together students and their families to experience Brandeis both inside and outside the classroom. Outside of Fall Fest, I love exploring new places to eat in Boston, hanging out with friends, and dancing! I especially enjoy our theme this year: Choose your own Brandeis Adventure because I think that Brandeis gives students many options from extracurricular activities to academics and even events in Boston and shape the journey into the college experience!

Jikun Zhou ’18

Outreach and Communication Coordinator


Hi everyone, I’m Jikun Zhou, and I’m really excited to serve as the Outreach and Communication Coordinator for Fall Fest 2016. I’m a rising junior majoring in economics with minor in business. Fall Fest is special for me because it welcomes families and friends to actually experience Brandeis culture and get involved into students’ daily lives. I’m looking forward to seeing families come to campus and hug their children. Besides that, I enjoy listening to music, photography, and trying new food. We selected the theme for Fall Fest 2016 called Choosing Your Own Brandeis Adventure because we believe that everyone has unique insight about Brandeis from their different experiences at Brandeis. We hope that over a short weekend, families can choose their own adventure and taste a small bite of Brandeis culture.