Accessing Your Funds

There are a variety of ways you can access your money to pay for services.

The following is a quick summary of the most common ways to pay for things. If you have any questions or other circumstances, please don’t hesitate to ask the Student Union Treasurer.

Having a Check Cut

Examples of when one would do this:
  • Paying for a performer or service from an outside company (comedians, musicians, etc)
  • Making a purchase of equipment, supplies, etc.


Services Under $5,000

  1. If paying for a service (comedian, musician, etc) there will be a contract and/or independent consulting agreement. Bring all contracts and/or agreements to the Department of Student Activities to be signed. (Please give two weeks).
  2. For most services, you will also need a W-9 tax form.
  3. If not using a contracted service, you will need an invoice or price quote for what you’re purchasing.
  4. If the contract is for over $1500, you will also need a Consultant Requisition/Acquisition Form.
  5. If a club needs have a physical check issued, it should make a request in SUMS (the Student Union Management System) at

Using an Electronic Transfer (Charge Line)

Examples of when one would do this:

Conference and Event Services charges (Custodial charges, Public Safety, Media Services, etc) Department Transfers

  • Paying Chums’ booking fee


  1. Meet with Kim Callahan in Conference and Event  Services to obtain a Proof of Costs for your event or complete a Line Item Invoice from the Union if not paying through Conference and Event Services.
  2. If not paying through Conference and Event Services, you will need to obtain the charge line for the department to which you’re paying.
  3. CES will then provide an “Event Reservation” form, which must be delivered to the Student Union offices for processing. The Union Treasurer and Budget Analyst will coordinate payment and enter the request into SUMS.

Using University Credit Card (Pcard)

Examples of when one would do this:

Paying for a product or service that accepts credit cards (Online purchases, program supplies, etc)

*If your club does not have a P-Card, visit the Treasurer during office hours to use the Union P-Card


  1. Place your order as you would with any ordinary credit card.
  2. Make sure to obtain a receipt/order confirmation.
  3. Within 24 hours, submit a copy of your receipt along with a withdrawal form (if more than one purchase is made, use a separate form for each purchase) to the Union Treasurer.
  4. If you have a p-card, log into Wells Fargo and review all your transactions, following the proper Wells Fargo procedures you received during p-card trainig.

Large Purchases: If a club is purchasing a product or service that costs over $5,000, a purchase order is required through the University. A purchase order is a legal contract between Brandeis University and the vendor to purchase goods or services. Please contact the Student Union Treasurer regarding the set-up of a purchase order.