Student Clubs & Organizations

Clubs and organizations make up the heart of the student experience at Brandeis; clubs are created, evolve, mature, and sometimes disappear. This section will take you through the different stages of forming and managing a club. It will explain the different types of organizations, how to formally create such organization, and what responsibilities are placed on groups once they are established.

What Types of Clubs Exist At Brandeis University?

Several types of student organizations exist at Brandeis. These include Union Recognized Organizations, Union Chartered Organizations, and Union Secured Organizations. All of these variations have different roles, responsibilities, and ways of doing business. The Club Center was created as a central database of all information regarding official clubs and organizations at Brandeis. It lists clubs, leader contact information and website and mailing list information. To update your club information on your club page, fill out the Club Google Site Update and Anti-Hazing Acknowledgment Form.

Recognized Clubs

Recognized clubs are recognized by the Student Union Senate. To be recognized, a club must obtain the signatures of ten prospective members. Recognized clubs cannot request money from the Union Allocations Board.

Chartered Clubs

Chartered clubs are also recognized by the Student Union Senate. However, they may not duplicate the purpose of any already chartered club. They also may not discriminate in their membership. Chartered clubs may also request money from the Union Allocations Board. To be chartered, a club must obtain the signatures of fifteen prospective members and 135 supporters (totaling 150 signatures). 

Secured Clubs

Secured clubs are specifically mentioned in the Student Union Constitution. They are a special class of clubs that cannot be de-chartered and that receive a fixed amount of the Student Activities Fee each semester. Secured clubs can only be created and removed by a constitutional amendment and are generally derived from existing chartered clubs.

Building a Club at Brandeis

Below is a "to do" list for building a new club at Brandeis. A detailed version of this list with the specifics of each step can be found in our Starting a New Club: A "How To" Guide.

1. Speak with Club Support Committee Chair
2. Draft and Email Constitution
3. Obtain MEMBER Signatures
4. Obtain SUPPORTER Signatures (Chartered Only)
5. Outline a yearlong plan
6. Plan and Record Organizational Meeting
7. Submit Materials to Club Support Committee
8. Attend Senate Meeting
9. Create Club Webpage
10. Create Club ListServ
11. Join “Club Leaders” ListServ
12. Meet with Treasurer Representative & Create SUMS Account (Chartered Only)

Anti-Hazing Form

Every year the Department of Student Activities is responsible for confirming that all organizational student leaders are aware of and in compliance with Massachusetts Act Prohibiting the Practice of Hazing (Chapter 269 of the General Laws). A full copy of this Act is available in Rights and Responsibilities - Appendix A or through the Department of Student Activities, Shapiro Campus Center Room 203. One representative from each club and organization must sign this form on behalf of the organization in order to achieve proper recognition from the Student Union. Please click here to fill out the form (it is the same form used to have your club's Google site updated).