Quick Tips

These Quick Tips are designed to help you build upon your leadership skills and abilities. They focus on a wide variety of introductory leadership topics and outline some vital programming resources you will need to be a successful leader at Brandeis.

Campus Posting Policies
Common Expenses
Conflict Resolution
Decision Making
Goal Setting
Managing Finances
Meetings & Agendas
Programming Checklist
Quick Tips to Programming
Team Builders
Time Management

Event Cost Worksheets

Use these documents to help anticipate the costs for certain types of events. We hope that these worksheets can assist you in your budget management and funding requests!

Estimated Costs Worksheet

Estimated Costs for Events

Forms and Policies

Don't forget to go to our forms and policies page for all of the forms and policies you may need for your club or organization.

Club Resources: Handbook, Quick Tips, & Anti-Hazing Form


As a part of our continued support of the Student Union and Union-recognized clubs and organizations, the Department of Student Activities offers various programming resources to assist student groups with their many programmatic efforts. The Leadership and Resource Handbook is a great tool that includes department information, forms, policies, programming tips and creative ideas to get your group and your events marketed to campus.

Download the Leadership & Resource Handbook 2014-2015. (PDF)

The Department of Student Activities also has step-by-step guides that detail how to start a new club and how to maintain an existing club (transitioning club leaders, etc.). Check them out below!

Or, click on one of these links for specific topics:

Sign Your Club's Anti-Hazing Form NOW!

Every semester the Department of Student Activities asks all clubs and organizations to sign a form stating that they are aware of the Massachusetts Act Prohibiting the Practice of Hazing.  All forms must be submitted by October 15 or your organization may risk dechartering.

For a copy of the Massachusetts Act Prohibiting the Practice of Hazing, please visit this year's copy of Rights and Responsibilities.  This online form should be completed by the President or leader of our group and must be completed annually.

All recognized, chartered and secured groups MUST complete it! Please click here to complete the form.

Jump Start Meetings

Are you getting ready to plan a program on campus? Come to one of the weekly Jump Start Meetings every Monday at 3 p.m. in Room 315 of the Shapiro Campus Center.

Staff from the Department of Student Activities, Public Safety, Conference and Events Services and a representative from the Student Union are all there to ensure that you are on the right track to programming success!