Student Profile


Nyah Macklin '16
Major: African and African-American Studies
Hometown: New Haven, CT

Involvement on campus: President of the Undergraduate Student Union

What is your favorite part of your role: My favorite part of my role is having the opportunity to create a more perfect union. The ways we have operated in the past simply need to be renovated and rejuvenated so that union operations allow for successful representation and advocation for our peers. I also appreciate that I am able to work with my peers in very professional and scholastic ways that promote leadership on all levels. I live to lift others. And I am proud that I can empower those who might have felt powerless in the past.

How has this involvement impacted your time at Brandeis? I can not picture having a better position than the one I am in now. Many students when they are elected to leadership positions on campus don't understand the profound, lasting affect they can have on this university. Students should start looking, not one or four years, but five, ten, or fifteen years ahead of them when they are preparing to create change at Brandeis. This position has taught me that I can actually create a sustained change in my community. I came into Brandeis thinking I creating change in my community was impossible, so I would go abroad and conduct neurosurgery for free in communities that need me. I am leaving knowing that even with many of the problems in our very own society, I have the capacity to create that change. Therefore, I am leaving with a Bachelors in African and African American Studies, and a dedication to reviewing and highlighting policy and legislation that has negatively affected certain minority communities on the city, state and possibly national level.

What made you get involved? In high school I had never thought of being involved in student government. I noticed that my student government was not able to create the change they sought and so I thought it was not worth my time. I then realized that I could never know how much I can do if I didn't try. During my freshman year I was voted Vice President of my class (at my previous institution) and then was elected the Class of 2016 Senator my junior year at Brandeis. I spent the year listening and learning from the successes and failures of the Union. I felt that I would be a fantastic candidate to fearlessly lead our Union. I am so excited to continue the progress our predecessors have made, and to ensure that our future student leaders are well prepared to succeed with their passions.



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