Club Achievement Reporting Form

Stephanie Grimes
Department of Student Activities

Club Leaders,

As the year winds down, I would like you to take an opportunity to "brag" a bit about what you have accomplished this year. Clubs at Brandeis have a powerful impact on the community inside and outside peripheral road and we would like to hear about it. Please complete the Club Achievements Reporting Form if your club has achieved some sort of accomplishment this year. Please note that you must be logged in under your Brandeis email to access this page.  We are interested in hearing about an award won by your group, a competition that they won, leaders that represented Brandeis regionally or nationally or whatever you would like to share. Whatever your club achieved from August 2011 to May of 2012, we want to know about it! We are collecting this information to better inform our community about the excellent work and impact that clubs at Brandeis make.

In addition to this acknowledgement, If you have a trophy, certificate, or some other physical representation of the achievement, we would love to put these on display. As you may know, we have a display case on the stairwell of the Shapiro Campus Center that we would like to update. You will have this returned to the club after a year or when needed.

Please note that any information and contact information may be passed onto other Brandeis administrative offices. If you have any questions about this, please contact Stephanie Grimes, director of Student Activities at