About the Zale Program

In 2016, the Zale Program was generously funded by the M.B. and Edna Zale Foundation. The program strives to increase the Brandeis University Waltham Group’s capacity to support the goals and aspirations of young adults with intellectual disabilities. Through this program, the Waltham Group will develop a professional, sustainable training program and support network that will increase the effectiveness of student volunteers and community partners working with young adults with intellectual disabilities. The Waltham Group's Brandeis Buddies and SPECTRUM will particularly be involved in the program, but the initiatives will invite in members of the local community who volunteer with this population of individuals. 

The Zale Program consists of two half-day conferences (Training & Support: October 21, 2017 & Train the Trainer: March 3, 2018), a student leader networking night, and a series of local community discussion meetings. The Department of Community Service and Waltham Group will partner to create a resource library and digital resources that will remain available for years to come. Mentor-to-mentee support will create opportunities for individuals who attend the conference events to continue to train others in the community as well. 

We are proud to have the Greater Waltham Arc and You're With Us as co-sponsors of this initiative.


The next local information and community discussion meeting will be held on Monday, December 4from 10am-11am. Registration for ALL 2017-2018 discussion meetings is available on this Google Form. These discussions are designed to bring together community members to further discuss information gathered through the Zale Program and to share resources with one another. You are welcome to attend more than one session and to attend whether or not you could join us for Zale Program conferences.

A networking night will be happening for Brandeis Waltham Group volunteers (especially in Brandeis Buddies and Spectrum) and You're With Us volunteers on Thursday, November 16, from 5pm-7pm in the Shapiro Campus Center, 3rd floor, at Brandeis. Registration is available on this Google form.

The second Zale Conference: Train the Trainer will be held on Saturday, March 3, 2018, from 11am-3pm on Brandeis' campus in the Hassenfeld Conference Center. Registration is available on this Google form. This conference is designed to help prepare you to train others to volunteer with individuals who have intellectual disabilities and will join you up with a mentoring and support network of individuals who lead similar trainings.

If you have any questions, please contact Lauren Shortall.