Student Testimonials

"I was drawn to LSC because it seemed like a great opportunity even though I was unsure of what to expect. It definitely enhanced my first year by providing me with a close-knit, intelligent group of people on my floor with whom I got to know quite well spending practicum with them every week.

I loved being able to listen to several professors from studies in which I otherwise would not have taken a class yet found quite interesting. Prospective students should know that the LSC is a great way to make friends who are interested in similar topics while simultaneously gaining access to an inside lecture with various professors across majors in an intimate group setting."

- Naomi Soman, Class of 2016

LSC Themes

Prospective students will have the option to apply to more than one community. Please see the description of each of the three communities below. Click the titles for past syllabi and other relevant information.

Media and Politics

This community explores the current climate of politics, and how we as a society consume and communicate information. Students are encouraged to broaden their awareness of media outlets, political spectrums, and social perspectives.

Global Perspectives on Effective Methods of Social Change

This community provides an interdisciplinary learning on critical issues affecting developing countries across the world. Case studies of challenges and success in environmental conservation, conflict resolution, poverty alleviation, human rights, and addressing other problems of social injustice will be examined. It also serves as an introduction to effective methods of social change with an examination of social visionaries and movements across the globe. Students will be engaged in the community through development of a social justice project of their choosing. As part of analyzing effective methods of social change for their individual issue, each student will conduct research comparing international strategies that have been used to address similar issues. 

Leadership in Health and Medicine

This community explores the development of effective leaders and their impact on advances in human health and medicine. We will draw on a variety of theoretical and empirical materials as well as the expertise of practitioners and students’ own life experiences. Students will be expected to demonstrate their proficiency of the concepts discussed by engaging with a concrete issue in human health through a team consulting project.