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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Room Selection Frequently Asked Questions page. Below you will find the most commonly asked questions  regarding room selection, lottery numbers, pull-ins and other aspects of the process. You can use the below links to jump to the topic of interest, or scroll through the page to view all questions. If you have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to email us at dcl@brandeis.edu.

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Room Selection Process

What if I've already applied for Room Selection, but now I don't need to get on-campus housing?
You should complete a Decline of Housing form online by February 28, 2015 in order to decline before receiving a lottery number.
Why do housing designations change every year?
Housing designations are changed based on a careful analysis of the number of students and needs of the class years.  In the past few years, we have had steady increases in the number of students, changes in the housing available, and different demands for different types of housing.  Changes in housing designations are a reflection of greater changes within the Brandeis community.
Where can I get more information about off-campus housing options?
Students interested in living off-campus can consult Jumpoffcampus.com for off-campus housing listings.  Information about living off-campus is also available on the off-campus section of our website.

Lottery Numbers

I heard someone is trying to auction off their "very good" lottery number. Is this allowed?

No - this is manipulating the system. When we find out that someone has "bought" or "sold" a number, everyone involved loses their housing.

Are lottery numbers transferable?
Numbers are not transferable, nor do we reassign unused numbers.
How does the wait list work?
Students who are unable to select housing at room selection are automatically placed on the housing wait list in lottery number order.  Students who did not sign up for room selection but wish to live on-campus will be added to the end of the wait list on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Students' status on the wait list will be confirmed soon after room selection through email. We will begin to contact students to offer them housing after May 1. You may remove yourself from the wait list or decline housing offered to you without financial penalty at any time.  Although housing is not guaranteed to juniors and seniors on the wait list, in past years, every student on the wait list has been offered a space on-campus.
Can transfer students receive housing through room selection?
Yes, transfer students who live on-campus and off-campus can participate in room selection. Transfer students will be counted as rising juniors or seniors, depending on their class standing. They will receive a random lottery number between 1001 and 3000.
What lottery numbers will TYP students receive?
Students currently enrolled in the TYP program can participate in room selection. They will be treated as rising sophomores and will receive a random lottery number between 1 and 1000. TYP alumni, however, will receive lottery numbers between 1001 and 3000.
I want to live in (insert quad here). Will I be able to select a suite/apartment/room there with my number?
It's difficult to say whether or not certain spaces will be available by the time your number is called. Every year selection runs a little bit differently. Some years apartments are more popular than suites, or doubles are more popular than singles. The best thing to do is create several plans for room selection. If your first or second choice is not available, go with your third option.  To get a sense of when certain housing types were chosen in the past, you may visit the statistics page.


What options are available to juniors and seniors who do not want to be pulled into an apartment or suite?
Toward the end of room selection, bedrooms in two-person Charles River Apartments may be selected individually.  Two suites in Ziv will also be available for students to select as single rooms.  Students selecting these spaces will not be able to pull-in other students.  Both suites will be designated as mixed-gender.  Spaces in Village B and C House are fall semester only and reserved for students applying to study abroad in the spring semester.
Who can pull in whom?
Sophomores may only be pulled in by other sophomores. Juniors or Seniors may not pull in sophomores. Juniors may pull in Seniors or vice versa (with the exception of the Mods, which is Seniors only).
I got a really good number, but am being pulled into a suite by a friend with an even better number. Can I give my good number to someone who has a higher number?
No, numbers cannot be transferred to another person.
If I get pulled in, can I pull in other students when my lottery number comes up?
No.  Once you are pulled in, your lottery number is considered used and you will not be able to select housing again or pull in other students.
If I pull in three friends to a hall or Rosenthal suite, can we pull in other friends to neighboring rooms or to fill in the suite?
No.  One group cannot pull in another group. Suites in Rosenthal are composed of two groups of four. Community Living cannot guarantee that two groups of friends will have the ability to select the same suite.

Justice Brandeis Semester

If I am accepted to a JBS program, can I still live on-campus?
Students in a JBS program that involves classes at Brandeis may live on-campus.  Students in the Fall Extension program are not eligible to live on-campus.
If I decline my JBS Fall Extension program, can I live on-campus?
Students who are accepted to a JBS Fall Extension program but then decline may live on-campus.  Students will be added to the housing wait list in lottery number order.
If I apply for a JBS Summer program, can I live on-campus?

 Yes.  Some JBS Summer programs allow for students to live on-campus.

If I apply for a JBS Spring program, can I live on-campus in the fall?
Yes.  Since the application for a JBS spring program is not due until the next academic year, students interested in a JBS Spring program can participate in regular room selection.  If you wish to live on-campus in the fall and off-campus in the spring, you must withdraw from housing by November 15.

Study Abroad

Students who are currently abroad - when are they getting their number?

Lottery numbers will be available March 1st on MyHousing.

How does room selection work for students who apply to study abroad for 2015-2016?
All students who apply for housing through MyHousing and apply to study abroad will be assigned a regular lottery number.  Students who apply to study abroad for fall semester or for the full academic year will not receive their lottery number.  Students who have applied to study abroad for the spring semester will receive a study abroad room selection number.  These students will participate in the separate study abroad room selection process.  If a student is not approved to study abroad or withdraws from study abroad, they will be issued their regular room selection number.
Students who are approved to Study Abroad for Fall 2015 - what happens to them?
Students who have completed the Study Abroad Application and are approved to study abroad for Fall 2015 or the Academic Year 2015-2016 are not eligible to participate in Room Selection. If they have indicated their intent to participate by February 15, they will still be assigned a lottery number.  If their plans regarding study abroad change prior to room selection, then their lottery number will be activated and released to them at that time.  If their study abroad plans change after room selection occurs, they will be placed on the wait list in the order of their originally assigned lottery number.  A deactivated lottery number will not be released to a student unless Study Abroad confirms that the student has withdrawn their application or was not accepted to study abroad.
If I am applying to study abroad in the Fall should I still sign up for Room Selection since I won't find out until later? And then what do I do when I find out?

If you're applying to study abroad in the Fall but will want to live on-campus if you are not accepted, you should apply for Room Selection. This will ensure that you are assigned a number and are able to participate in Room Selection or be placed on the wait list should you not study abroad.

I'm hoping to study abroad for the fall semester. What housing might be available for me when I return?
Spaces will be available in Ziv from students who are studying abroad in the spring semester.  We also predict that a number of students will graduate in December.  Our first priority is to house the incoming midyear students as a group.  In the past the number of students going abroad for spring semester has been greater than the size of the incoming midyear class.  Although we don't guarantee housing for students returning from abroad (and we never have), we do anticipate that there will be space available for students returning from abroad in the Ziv and space in other Junior/Senior areas from students graduating in December.  It is not possible, at this point, to predict how many spaces we will have available or where all of these spaces will be, as we do not have a sense of the number of students going abroad for Spring 2016 or the size of the midyear class.
How does studying abroad in the spring semester impact my housing options for the fall semester?
Students approved to study abroad for spring semester 2016 and wish to live on-campus must participate in a separate room selection process.  Housing for these students will be in the Village and one of the Ziv buildings.
What if I decide not to go abroad and/or am not accepted to my program?
Students who received guaranteed fall housing who later withdraw their spring 2016 study abroad application or who are not approved to study abroad will be required to vacate the housing they selected at the conclusion of the fall semester.  These students will receive priority for spring semester housing, but we cannot guarantee spring housing for students who remain on campus.  Anyone who applies to study abroad for spring 2016 and then does not go abroad will have to change housing at the end of the fall semester.
If I am applying to study abroad in the spring, can I be pulled into a non-study abroad suite in Ziv, Ridgewood, or Charles River? Can I pull in a student to the Village who is not applying to study abroad in the spring?
Students applying to study abroad in the spring who wish to live on-campus cannot be pulled into Ridgewood, Charles River, the Mods, or suites not designated for study abroad students.  Only students applying to study abroad in the spring can participate in the separate room selection and be pulled into the Village.
Will there be any standard corridor, non- suite/ apartment- style housing options available for Juniors and Seniors for next year?

Housing options for both fall and spring are Charles River (apartments), Ridgewood (apartments), Ziv (suites), and the Mods (seniors only, apartments).  If space becomes available in Village B or C House, juniors and seniors may request these spaces for the fall semester.  However, students living in these rooms will be required to change housing for the spring semester to accommodate the mid-year class.

If there are extra spaces in the Village left after all Study Abroad students are placed there, who will be assigned to those extra rooms?
If the Village B and C House are not filled after the study abroad room selection concludes, spaces will be available on request for other juniors and seniors.  Students who select these spaces will be required to change housing for the spring semester.
Who will live in the Village Spring Semester ’16 after Study Abroad students move out after the Fall semester?
Midyears will be assigned to live in the Village for Spring Semester 2016.
If I am studying abroad in the spring, how do I make arrangements for housing for the following fall?

All students on an approved study abroad program will receive a lottery number via e-mail.  Students can participate in Room Selection on line or be pulled in by members of their friend group.  They may also designate a friend or DCL as their proxy if they are unsure of their internet connectivity. 


What if I have more questions you haven't answered here?
Email us at dcl@brandeis.edu. We will do our best to respond to your email within two business days. Or call us at 781-736-5060 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday - Friday, or visit our office in Usdan during regular office hours.