For questions, more information, or concerns regarding the Gender Neutral Housing Policy, please contact the Department of Community Living at

Students who wish to speak to other students regarding gender identity or gender neutral housing may wish to contact Triskelion or the Queer Resource Center.

Gender Inclusive Housing

Gender Inclusive Housing Policy Statement

At Brandeis University, any upper class students, regardless of gender identity, may choose to reside together. Students may choose to live together in any double on a mixed-gender floor. East, Rosenthal, the Village, and 567 South Street all have mixed-gender floors. Students agree to live together when they select a room together during Room Selection in the spring semester. There is no additional application process to reside in a gender-inclusive room.

Brandeis University remains committed to providing safe and supportive housing options for students of all genders. This includes providing options that offer gender inclusive housing and restrooms. In doing so, we seek to affirm our commitment to being a nonsectarian university that welcomes students, teachers and staff of every nationality, religion and orientation. 

Gender Inclusive Housing Policy Information and Rationale

The following terms are essential to understanding the gender inclusive housing policy at Brandeis:

  • Single-Gender – A floor or community in a residence hall that is designated as male or female. Single-gender floors exist in East, the Village, North, and Massell.
  • Mixed-Gender – A floor or community in a residence hall for students of any gender.  Mixed-gender floors are found in Massell, North, East, and the Village.  All suites and apartments in Rosenthal, Ziv, Ridgewood, Charles River, 567 South St, and the Foster Mods are considered mixed-gender.
  • Gender Inclusive / Gender Neutral – A housing option in which two or more students may share a multiple-occupancy bedroom, in mutual agreement, regardless of the students’ sex or gender.  Any room in a mixed-gender area may be considered gender inclusive. (Including select residence halls in North Quad for first-year students)

Residence halls serve several vital functions to a student’s development on campus, and therefore must be safe and comfortable homes for each student. Residence halls are designed to assist with students’ transition to college life and the university community. They facilitate and support the psychological, social, intellectual, and physical development of students. Gender Inclusive housing provides safe, supportive environments for students of all gender identities and is therefore an important policy for our campus. Gender Inclusive housing supports the University’s non-discrimination policy and fully commits to the principles of social justice with respect to sexual orientation, sex, gender, and gender identity. The residence hall’s primary purpose is to assist students with their personal growth and development.

Gender Inclusive housing is defined as a housing option in which two or more students may share a multiple-occupancy bedroom, in mutual agreement, regardless of the students’ sex or gender. Gender Inclusive housing provides housing options for students who may identify as transgender, or are questioning their gender identity, or do not wish to prescribe to gender classifications.  This option provides students who are uncomfortable with a same-sex roommate or do not wish to have a same-sex roommate also have more housing options.  Gender Inclusive Bathrooms are designated on mixed-gender floors when possible.

Vacancies and Room Changes

Gender inclusive housing will never be forced upon a student. If a vacancy occurs in a room on a mixed-gender floor, the room is not treated as a gender inclusive space. The remaining occupants may pull in a student to maintain the gender inclusivity of the room or the Department of Community Living will assign a student to the room. The sex of the students will be considered when a vacancy exists in a multiple occupancy space. Vacancies in suites and apartments will be treated as mixed gender if the occupants of the suite originally filled the space as a mixed gender space. If the suite or apartment is housed as a single-gender space, the gender of the space will be maintained and the unit will not be treated as a gender inclusive space.

First-Year Students

Gender inclusive housing available for first-year students. First-year students who want a gender inclusive space should contact the Department of Community Living, and an appropriate housing assignment within the first-year areas will be made. Our first-year facilities in North Residence Quad feature two full floors of gender inclusive spaces complete with single use bathroom and shower facilities.