Please Note:

ICC Club Offices, Conference Room, Multi-Purpose Room (MPR), and Rear Lounge are available only during office hours:

Mon. - 9A-7P

Tue. - 9A-11P

Wed. - 9A-11P

Thu. - 9A-11P

Fri. - 9A-7p

The ICC Lounge is available Monday - Sunday.  Office hours do not apply.

Reserve a Space at the ICC

ICC Google Calendar How-To Tips:

To check ICC room availability in Google Calendar:

  • Sign-in with your UNet ID below
  • View Calendar
  • Click drop down arrow next to "Agenda" and choose room your are requesting ONLY to view available times
  • Take note of beginning and end times on calendar to indicate on reservation form
  • Populate and submit ICC Reservation Form below
  • IMPORTANT -  Your program request is not confirmed until approval.   Please do not advertise until your program confirmation has been received