Upcoming Program Information

Wednesday, October 5 
International Lounge, Usdan Student Center

Bring your lunch, have some dessert (on us!) and talk about supporting First-Generation students

Contemporary first-generation college students persevere on college campuses that currently experience unprecedented social change.  This diverse student population influences campuses through their multifaceted perspectives and contributions.  Despite strengths, this student population experiences many challenges, such as barriers in the college transition, family demands, lack of peer support, difficulty establishing campus connection, stereotypes, and financial burdens.  Only 27.4% of first-generation college students currently earn a degree after four years compared with 42.1% for their counterparts with college-educated parents.   At Brandeis, first-generation and/or low-income students make up 30% of our student population. Bring your lunch, have some dessert (on us!), and learn how to best support our first-generation students.   This session will explore the unique needs of first-generation students and our responsibility to meet those needs and assist  students in navigating the landscape of higher education. Please join TRiO Student Support Services' staff as they lead us in dialogue. Want to know Brandeis' graduation rate of first-generation students? Me too! So come to this session.