Community Standards Report

What to expect when filing a Community Standards Report (CSR)

Brandeis contracts with a third party (Adirondack Solutions) to host the Community Standards Report (CSR) and securely and confidentially manage the information the CSR receives.  It is a very simple interface that is easily and quickly completed.  Should you encounter difficulty in submitting a CSR, please email the Department of Student Rights and Community Standards at

STEP 1: Identify the Brandeis student or students about whom you are concerned. 

If you know the student’s first and last name, and if that student has not asked for their Brandeis directory information to be kept confidential, the CSR will be able to locate that student from Brandeis servers.  Simply type the name and select the FIND/ADD STUDENT>> button.  You can add as many students as necessary by repeating this process.  When the student or students have been added, select the SAVE DATA AND CONTINUE button to move to the next screen.

CSR Screen 1

If you do not know the name of the student, or if the student has requested confidentiality, or if your spelling is off, you may see the following red rectangle with enclosed “System Message.”  Don’t worry!  You can add the name on the NEXT screen in the description field.  For now, simply select the ADD UNKNOWN PERSON button. 

CSR Screen 2

You will then notice UNKNOWN STUDENT(S) in the INDIVIDUALS INVOLVED: window, as seen below.

CSR Screen 3

Next, select the SAVE DATA AND CONTINUE button to move to the next screen.

STEP 2: Provide Date, Time, Location, and Description of the concern. 

This screen automatically populates the Date and Time fields with the current values. 

The next question allows you to designate your report ANONYMOUS if you wish.  If you wish to identify yourself, you must type your name in the next field. 

The LOCATION field contains a drop-down menu.  The default is “Non-specific Location”; the list in the menu is ordered first by residence halls, then other buildings, then off campus buildings owned by Brandeis.  In the “Description of Location field that follows, you might add, “the parking lot in front” or “Room 100”.

Finally, the description field is presented on this screen.  IMPORTANT:  If you were unable to list one or more student names on the previous screen, you MUST LIST FULL STUDENT NAMES in this field.  When finished, select the SAVE DATA AND CONTINUE button.

If you wish to submit digital attachments (photos, text documents, PDFs, or other types of files) as supporting companions to your report, please take the following steps: (1) Indicate in the description field that you intend to send attachments separately. (2) Send your attachments by e-mail.  If you are reporting academic dishonesty, send your attachments to Erika Lamarre, Director of Academic Integrity, at  If you are sending a non-academic report, send your attachments to the Department of Student Rights and Community Standards, at  NOTE: E-mailed attachments sent in conjunction with an anonymous CSR should be sent from an e-mail account that is not associated with the identity of the reporter.

CSR Screen 4

STEP 3: Review your CSR, edit if necessary, and submit it when you are satisfied. 

You will notice that on the left side of each screen there is a bar that allows you to return to a previous screen to make edits.  This third step allows you to see all of the information that you have recorded into your CSR.  Take this opportunity to verify that the information is as accurate as possible.  When you are satisfied, select the SUBMIT THIS INCIDENT REPORT button at the bottom of the screen.  This will send your report to the Department of Student Rights and Community Standards at Brandeis.

CSR Screen 5

Submit a Community Standards Report (CSR).