SCB Description

The Student Conduct Board (SCB) is a pool of Brandeis students, faculty, and staff from which a panel is identified to hear cases of alleged violations of University policy.

The Board is responsible for resolving conflicts between parties and upholding community standards within the Brandeis Community.  Section 19 of Rights and Responsibilities describes the SCB in greater detail.

Student Conduct Board

Role Description and obligations for new and incumbent Student Conduct Board Members

Board Members 2014-15

Last First Class Year/Department
Abdou Jenny Orientation
Benjamin Ellie 2017
Burke Kristyn Student Financial Services
Cadder Gloria 2015
Chernick Matthew 2016
Chitulescu Mack 2016
Coiner Michael Economics
Curi Sarah Legal Studies
Dilillo Antonella Computer Science
Fellman Gordon Sociology
Freeman Justin 2017
Friedman Emily 2015
Gilman Jonathan 2015
Gorelik Sam 2015
Gromada Cecilie 2015
Harris Ethan 2016
Hedstrom Lizbeth Biology
Isen Spencer 2017
Jaffe Judith Planning and Institutional Research
Kabrhel Rosalind Legal Studies
Kosinski-Collins Melissa Biology
Lu Jassen 2015
Mandrell James Romance Studies
Mann Esther 2015
Margolis Micah 2017
McNamara Eileen American Studies
Phiri Linda 2016
Piccione Michael 2015
Pontrello Jason Chemistry
Scappini Jennie Biochemistry
Schwartz Matthew 2015
Servino Paola Romance Studies
Shpilman Max 2016
Snider Barry Chemistry
Uemoto Rachel 2017
Walker Jennifer Admissions
Wellenstein Hermann Physics
Zhao Hanchen 2016
Zik Eden 2016