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Summer School Positions

Laboratory Teaching Assistants

Laboratory teaching assistants are selected based on their mastery of general or organic chemistry or introductory physics. In some instances, previous experience in serving as a laboratory assistant is also considered.

In addition to a thorough knowledge of the subject matter, laboratory teaching assistants must be able to break that information down and explain it to students in the context of the experiment being conducted.

Laboratory teaching assistants are expected to arrive early to set up each lab session and attend all lab sessions.  Facility with setting-up, breaking-down laboratory and using laboratory apparatus is essential. Laboratory teaching assistants supervise students during the labs; assure that safety measures are observed at all times; maintain records of student lab attendance; review, grade and record student lab reports; and advise the instructor with regard to grade assignments for class members.

To apply for summer Teaching Assistant positions in chemistry, visit the job posting on the Student Financial Services website: https://careers.brandeis.edu/studentjobs/

Search for "chemistry" and click on the Teaching Assistant link. You'll find more information about the positions and instructions to apply.