Exam Schedule

Summer 2017 Final Exams

Students are not permitted to take the final examination in courses in which they are enrolled on a noncredit basis. Students who have not completed payment of tuition and fees may be prevented from sitting for final examinations. Final examinations must be taken at the time scheduled by the Summer School office.  Your final exam will take place in your regularly scheduled classroom unless told otherwise by your instructor.  No grade will be accepted by the Summer School for unauthorized examinations.

Instructors are expected to work within this schedule. Occasionally, an instructor will poll a class to determine the feasibility of changing exam times. If a proposed change poses a conflict or difficulty for a student, the Summer School office will serve as an advocate for students in resolving the time conflict while preserving confidentiality.

Make-up Examinations

Absence from the final examination and the right to take a makeup examination are only permissible for documented medical reasons. If a student is unable to take the final examination because of illness, the student must notify the Summer School office of the illness as early as possible before the exam and provide appropriate documentation in order to be eligible for a make-up examination.

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