Visiting and Guest Students in Fall & Spring

Brandeis University offers Special Students the opportunity to take Brandeis classes during the Fall and Spring Term as commuting students on a space-available basis.

A Special Student is either:

  • a visiting student - a student who is enrolled in a degree-granting program at another college or university or
  • a guest student - a student or adult learner who has a high school diploma or GED and is not currently enrolled at another school

Current high school students who wish to take a course during the Fall or Spring Term should contact the Office of High School Programs.

Please note: courses with limited enrollment or instructor consent required may be more difficult to enroll in, so early registration for these classes is recommended.  Also, Special Students are allowed to take classes as commuting students only.  On-campus housing is not available.

Registration process:

1)  Students should first find a class they would like to take.  A list of Fall 2014 classes can be found at the link below (use the drop down menu at the top to change between subject areas):
Special students are limited to a maximum of 8 credits, so a Special Student may take one or two four-credit classes.

2)  After finding a class, special students should consult the course description on the Registrar's Schedule of Classes or the Brandeis Bulletin to see if there are prerequisites for the course.  The Brandies Bulletin can be found at:

Prerequisites and corequisites for upper-level classes ensure that students enter a class with shared knowledge of the subject area before tackling more advanced concepts.

3)  Review the Academic Calendar for the term.  The Academic Calendar can be found at:

4)  Secure your finances for the course.  Tentative tuition and fees for the 2014-2105 Academic Year are as follow:

                   $5,753 Course tuition per 4-credit course
                                   (This is $1,387 per credit, per term)
               +     $768 Mandatory Undergraduate Fee per term
TOTAL  $6,521 for one 4-credit courses or $12,274 for two 4-credit courses

As a part-time special student, financial aid is not available.

5)  Apply to be a special student by filling out a Special Student Application.  As part of this application you are asked to have either your high school or college transcript sent to us (see application for more information). 

Send your completed Special Student Application to:

Brandeis University
Attn: Gwenn Smaxwill
Summer & Continuing Studies - MS 085
P.O. Box 549110
Waltham, MA 02454-9110

Please note: Special Students are allowed to take classes as commuting students only.  On-campus housing is not available.