Independent Studies

Brandeis students are permitted to design their own Independent Study course working under the guidance of a Brandeis faculty member.


As revised in November 2002, the requirements which must be fulfilled before a student will be permitted to enroll in an independent study during a summer session are:
1)  Written verification that the department in question is willing to arrange for one of its faculty members to supervise the readings course via signature of department chairperson on the letter described below.
2)  A letter must be obtained from the instructor indicating the following:
 • Material to be covered
 • Texts to be read
 • The form of evaluation to be used (papers, texts, etc.)
 • Agreement to submit a letter grade at the end of the session in which the student has enrolled
3)  The student enrolls in and pays the appropriate tuition charge and fees for a Summer School course.
4)  The faculty member will receive 50% of the tuition collected for this course. 


Because each Independent Study is created specifically for each student, enrollment needs to be on our hard-copy Brandeis Summer Registration Form (PDF).

Your registration form and the letter described in the independent study guidelines should be submitted to:

Summer School Office, MS 085
Brandeis University
PO Box 549110
Waltham, MA 02454-9110