Academic Policies

Open Enrollment

Admission to Brandeis Summer School rests on the assumption that each student knows best what he or she wants and can do. Enrollment is open to a wide cross-section of qualified persons, including students currently enrolled in colleges and universities as well as individuals not currently engaged in any formal educational program, but who hold a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Denial of Readmission

Just as Brandeis degree candidates must be in good academic and financial standing, Brandeis University holds visiting students to the same standards of scholarship and responsibility.  Returning visiting summer students who have failed a course in previous summers at Brandeis may be denied readmission. 

Visiting students who have balances outstanding are ineligible for readmission until their account is brought up to date and new charges are addressed promptly.

Visiting students who have received sanctions via the Student Rights and Community Standards process May be denied readmission.

Visiting students may appeal readmission denial by asking for a review by the Vice President for the Rabb School via an email to to arrange a meeting or phone conversation.

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