Dropping, Adding, and Swapping Courses

Dropping, Adding or Swapping Courses

Because the summer is on an accelerated schedule, swapping courses is not recommended once classes have begun. However, under extenuating circumstances, students are allowed to add/drop (a.k.a. swap) a course during the first week of instruction.

What if I need to withdraw from Summer School?

If a student decides to withdraw from the Summer School classes, you may drop your courses online via SAGE until the registration deadlines and via email to summersc@brandeis.edu by June 4, 2017 for Session I and July 7, 2017 for Session II.

After those dates, students must submit withdrawals in writing to the Summer School office via email to summerschool@brandeis.edu. If notification is by postal mail, the postmark is accepted as the effective date for refund purposes described in our Tuition Adjustment Policy.

Phone calls are not accepted as official notification of intent to withdraw. Refunds for withdrawing from a Summer School course will be handled in accordance with Student Financial Services.

Not attending class or failure to pay an outstanding balance do not constitute a withdrawal, nor is it sufficient to notify the course’s instructor of intent to withdraw.

Unless a student applies for official withdrawal by the published deadline, he or she will not receive an adjustment of tuition and fees or a refund and receives a failing grade for a course whether classes were attended or not.

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