Is online learning right for me?

We require prospective students to take our online learning self-assessment survey to gain a better sense of what it's like to work online. Online courses at Brandeis are not correspondence courses and are presented asynchronously with a structured weekly calendar of readings, assignments and interactions with classmates.   Students use and develop the following skillsets in our small online classes:

  • Strong reading and writing skills: our courses rely heavily on written material. In addition to weekly readings, course content includes weekly online “lecture notes,” supplemental readings, articles, case studies, and discussions. Students participate in the course through regular, written assignments and discussion posts.
  • Effective time-management skills: using the syllabus, weekly checklists, and an online calendar and assignments tool, students follow the course schedule and meet weekly assignment expectations. Students typically spend 9-15 hours per week per course.
  • Comfort with the technology: students learn to use online learning technology effectively and contact student support for technological help as soon as they encounter a problem. All courses within our programs use LATTE, the University's online learning environment

To ensure that students have given due consideration to the demands of an online course during the summer, each enrollee is asked to obtain a consent code to enroll.  These codes are issued upon completion of our online learning orientation course.  

Begin the process by arranging with Phil Dolan, Summer School Associate Director (, to be enrolled in the orientation course.

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