International Summer Students from other U.S. Colleges and Universities

On-Campus Study for International Students

International students from other U.S. colleges and universities who wish to enroll in the Summer School should be aware of following important factors:

  • Students who already have an F-1 visa, and are attending another U.S. college, are welcome to submit an application.
  • Brandeis is not able to issue I-20 forms for F-1 student visas as Summer School is not considered a full-time program. We cannot assist you with obtaining a visa.
  • Enrollment in college-level courses at Brandeis presumes English language proficiency at a level at least equivalent to a score of 600 on TOEFL examination.
  • International students with the appropriate visa must submit the following Medical / Health Insurances forms:
    Health Insurance Selection/Reporting Form
    Meningococcal Waiver Form
    Health and Immunization Report
    Your records of immunization, as well as the method of immunization will be examined. Students who have not been immunized via the methods identified on the Immunization Record Form will be required to be re-immunized at your own expense.
  • If you do not have health insurance coverage you will be required to purchase insurance to cover your summer session.

Online Study for International Students

  • Many of our online classes are asynchronous, without a specific course time, although some may involve virtual face-to-face meetings. Online classes do not involve physical face-to-face meetings, and as such a student’s presence on-campus or in the US is not required.
  • All online students are required to complete a no cost orientation course before they can enroll in online summer courses.
  • Because online courses rely heavily on written communication with classmates and the instructor, strong English language skills are imperative.


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